Indian driver admitted that won 12 mn dirham lottery thanks to Моnеy Аmulеt!


The UAE produces overnight millionaires just about every month — thanks to lottery draws.

Let's remind that John Rajabali, who hails from Kerala, hit a jackpot by winning 12 million dirham in a raffle draw in Abu Dhabi one year ago.

A lucky lottery ticket made Dubai expat, an overnight millionaire.

After one year the Indian man told us how he spent this time and shared the secret of his great fortune.

"Before winning I worked hard as a driver since I came to Dubai. My blood pressure used to be very high, I was on daily medication. My family with wife and two children lived in India and were waiting for me. I had no opportunity to give them better life, comfort home and good education in future. I couldn't believe that I could get lucky. After facing lot of hardships I arrived to Dubai and worked all time," Rajabali told the daily.

“When it was a hard time my dear wife send me one special gift - Money Amulet.

My wife told me that one man from our town bought this аmulеt, strengthened it with some spells, and then suddenly he got rich.

I accepted this gift gratefully, but I didn’t believe in the power of any аmulеts. Later, I read about Моnеy Аmulеt in the Internet and every customer claims that it really works.

To check is it true my friends and I bought a lottery ticket. I got a call and found out that I am a winner!!! I initially thought that it was a late April Fool's Day prank by a friend. But It was true!! Almost 12 million AED! I almost went off into a faint!” John added.

Emirates 24/7: How has your life changed since you won the lottery?

"Financial freedom has really given me peace of mind. Now I am not worried about my children’s education and my family’s well-being now. I am happy! I bought new home, invest in children’s education and achieved a little dream - to open my first supermarket. Also I set aside a portion to help the needy as I shouldn't forget my past hard days. All thanks Моnеy Аmulеt!"

Emirates 24/7: But, why do you want to share the secret of money luck?

“The money came to each one of us as a blessing when we were financially struggling. Everyone should using the money wisely. The money that I won did more than just make me rich. It reduced my high blood pressure and give the freedom for my family. I am so grateful for everything.

Now I want to help people and share the secret of winning. I am sure that everybody who need money should know about Моnеy Аmulеt and can get help. If you want to live a full life, do not waste your time! Do something.

You could order Моnеy Аmulеt here especially since it is now available with a 50% discount.” - shared Indian Millionaire.

John Rajabali is another addition to the long list of lucky winners from India. According to data from two of the biggest raffle draws in the UAE, Indian nationals prove to be most lucky. Of the 312 first prize winners for the Big Ticket, Indian nationals scooped 80% of the total winnings.


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